When Kenny and Cassie approached us to create their Pre Wedding Music Video we felt elated not because we have got a challenging project but we have met a lovely couple whose true love story was heart touching and needed to be captured forever.

Kenny and Cassie are different as a couple. They are deeply rooted in reality, take their work seriously and do not believe in showing off their love. Their love story began in their university library where Kenny first met Cassie and their Prewedding MV also took off from their uni library. We visited all the places that Kenny and Cassie usually frequent and took several natural shots of these lovebirds.

Watching them talking to each other softly and holding hands made us want to believe in love again. The song “Just a Kiss” is rightly reflected their thoughts of just being together without rushing things.

Since this was a Pre Wedding MV, we wanted to keep things low-key and shot with the couple in their favorite locations. We heard from Kenny how he proposed to Cassie with a ring without any planning and how it made Cassie cry. We are telling their true story to recreate those magical moments in the film to be cherished for several years. We know for sure that whenever Cassie will watch their Pre Wedding MV, she would flash her most beautiful smile.

Every love story is different and when shooting Pre Wedding Films / MVs, we try to capture the essence of the relationship that would make the film come alive. We treat every film as an opportunity to immortalize the feelings of the couples.

For us, every Prewedding Film is special as the love the couples share and we capture their stories through our camera so that they can relive those moments and strengthen the bond that ties them together.

Director : Jeffrey Xiong
Post Production : In A Maze

OST – Lady Antebellum, Just a Kiss

As featured on La Bride Wedding Blog – http://www.labride.com.au/creative-love-story-mv-in-a-maze-films/


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