For Couples

Here are a few questions that our clients often ask.
We have compiled them here to help you select the best wedding package for your special day.

Why should I hire a wedding videographer?
Wedding videography is the best way to document your wedding. It provides a golden opportunity to share and re-live your memories with your family and friends for many years to come. When the memories begin to fade and you want to hold on to the warmth and love of your dear ones, your wedding film will allow you to take a trip down the memory lane.


How to make my wedding film perfect?
Share your preferences with us so that we can create the perfect wedding film for you. The success of wedding videography depends on capturing the story of the couple. We encourage our clients to share their hobbies and love story so that we can conceptualise a unique idea that exudes the essence of their personalities and lives.


Who picks the music?
We are happy to receive suggestions for music to be used in the wedding film. However, it may not be possible for us to use certain pieces due to copyright. Our experienced videographers and editors will select the best music to suit the story, and pay for the license of the soundtrack.


Is the duration of the film fixed?
No, the duration stated in the package is the minimum that we offer. The actual duration depends on the stories captured from the event.


By when can I expect to receive the completed films?
Same Day Edit is delivered within the day, and Cinematic Trailer is delivered two weeks after your wedding. The full-length film takes approximately 14–18 weeks to complete, and the delivery date depends on the editing demands on the studio. We hope that you will be patient while we create the perfect wedding film for you.


Do you accept pencil bookings?
In order to avoid confusion in the booking system, we have agreed not to accept pencil bookings.


How can I book a date?
Contact us via phone, email, or our online form with your wedding date, and we will contact you to make arrangements. You will need to make a small payment in advance.