Same day edit is also known as the “SDE”. It is the quickest way to get your film. We shoot and edit the film on the same day and show it to you that day as well. You don’t have to wait around for your wedding film to be developed if you don’t want to! This is an extraordinarily unique and a creative way that lets you to share your film with your guests on the day of your wedding.

Same day edit is a modern way with a contemporary approach to capture your memories to a whole new level. Imagine seeing yourself with your love on the screen while your wedding is going on. The best part of this incredible service is that your film would premiere on the very same day at your reception!

We will both edit and film throughout the time at your day and your guests would definitely be amazed to see a short film being premiered on the same evening of the reception. Our award winning same day edit film option would surely add to the charm and magnificence of your big day.



Clara and Stephen look so cute, happy and lovely together. One look at them and you would find yourself saying that this is love. It was our privilege to capture the wedding of this young couple. Their wedding ceremony took place in the St. Thomas Church located in North Sydney. Their reception took place in the gorgeous Doltone House located in Darling Island.

The decoration of the reception was mesmerizingly beautiful. There were huge, beautiful chandeliers adorning the venue. The wedding cake looked pretty. Clara looked like a princess in the wedding gown. Her hairdo and hair accessories suited her. Moreover, the dimpled smile pasted on her face made her the world’s prettiest bride. Stephen looked very handsome in his wedding tuxedo.

Clara and Stephen couldn’t stop smiling as they looked at each other. The way they smiled and gazed at each other clearly revealed how much they love each other. They seemed the world’s happiest couple. Clara said that she never thought that she would get married in this manner and now, she is in a princess like gown going to marry her prince. The guests applauded as she said these words.

The friends of the couple looked very happy. They cheered for Clara and Stephen. We get to know that Clara met Stephen twelve years ago at a social event. Stephen did not get the courage to ask her out as he thought that a very good friendship was going on. The journey of Clara and Stephen is truly beautiful, from friends to lovers to life partners.

The St. Thomas Church, where the couple got married looked magnificent and royal. As Clara walked in the church, Stephen looked at her lovingly. They take the wedding vows with a smile on their face. They feel delighted when they become husband and wife, after taking the vows. They kiss each other with fervent love and passion. The guests cheer for the wonderful couple.

We have also managed to capture Clara and Stephen in some beautiful outdoor locales. They look beautiful as they walk hand in hand.

Clara and Stephen made a grand entry to their reception. They enter the venue, dancing and giggling. They lovingly cut their wedding cake. After that, they dance with each other, their gaze intact on each other. They looked so much in love.

Both Clara and Stephen could not thank each other enough for being with each other. The couple is truly blessed and happy. We would like to wish them a beautiful married life.



What happens when we show same day edit film to the couples? Some giggle, some break into laughter and a few cannot hold their tears back. However, Zandro and Reigene started dancing and we knew right there that the wedding video have been able to touch their hearts.

Zandro and Reigene – a couple about whom we can speak on and on. They are vivacious, funny and in too much love with each other. The love shows when Zandro waits impatiently for Reigene at the church and cannot hold his tears back when he gets the first glimpse of his soon-to-become bride.

Both the bride and groom are very religious and went through the rituals meticulously. We covered all the rituals as the way they took the wedding vows showed how serious they were about abiding by them.

This couple shares a strong bond between them and is secured about their relationship also, something we find very rare nowadays. Reigene can easily demand a bouquet of flowers from her would-be-husband just before the wedding and declare him the controller of the family too! The letter she wrote to Zandro was so touching!

Actually, this is the beauty of a same day edit film. You capture all that appeals to you and go through them on the same day, when everything is fresh in the memory. You know instantly that you have done a good job from the reactions of the couples and their relatives.

Nothing makes us happier than finding the couple excited over their own wedding videography and reliving the day.

Zandro and Reigene’s wedding was a fun affair that we would remember for long. With lots of dance and peppy music and light-hearted banter, we enjoyed as much as the couple and their guests.

We didn’t have to plan and shoot, everything was so spontaneous that we only had to capture the moments and share with you. That’s what wedding videos are for, right?



It is always a pleasure to capture the wedding of a romantic couple who are so much in love with each other. On such couple is Kristin and John who got married on the 31st of December, 2014. Kristin was born in the States and John was born in Australia. The beautiful wedding took place in the spectacular and lush green Centennial Vineyard.

Centennial Vineyard is all about serene blue skies and lush greenery that can placate the heart. The lovely couple, Kristin and John rightly chose this picturesque place for tying the knot. In the beginning, we hear John saying that Love is not breathlessness, but rather it is a kind of passion. His love for Kristin can be totally understood from his words.

We see John playing golf with his friends amidst the verdant Centennial Vineyard whereas we find Kristin getting ready in the beautiful house called Grantham. All the friends of Kristin and John are happy and joyful to attend this couple’s wedding. We can see the stylist of Kristin doing her hair and makeup. The lingering smile on Kristin’s face revealed how happy and excited she is for the wedding.

John looked very handsome in his wedding suit and Kristin looked very pretty in her beautiful wedding gown which had embellishments all over it. They looked perfect for each other and together, they made a wonderful couple.

The place where the couple exchanges their wedding vows is beautifully decorated. Heart-shaped decorations can be seen on all the chairs. The guests present in the wedding cheer for Kristin and John as they exchange their wedding vows. John promises Kristin to be with her in both fun times and difficult times. Kristin promises John that she would try to be the best wife.

When John promises Kristin that he would try to be on time, Kristin laughs her heart out. Seeing her laugh, John also ends up laughing and so do the guests witnessing their wedding. The chemistry that Kristin and John shares is very heartwarming. They seem extremely happy with each other, while cutting the delicious chocolate wedding cake and while dancing together in their reception.

The reception of Kristin and John was filled with fun and laughter. There were singing and dancing. People around the couple were making merry and posing for photographs. Everyone was busy in the New Year countdown. It was a beautiful and fun wedding. We would like to wish this happy couple, Kristin and John a blissful married life.