Same day edit is also known as the “SDE”. It is the quickest way to get your film. We shoot and edit the film on the same day and show it to you that day as well. You don’t have to wait around for your wedding film to be developed if you don’t want to! This is an extraordinarily unique and a creative way that lets you to share your film with your guests on the day of your wedding.

Same day edit is a modern way with a contemporary approach to capture your memories to a whole new level. Imagine seeing yourself with your love on the screen while your wedding is going on. The best part of this incredible service is that your film would premiere on the very same day at your reception!

We will both edit and film throughout the time at your day and your guests would definitely be amazed to see a short film being premiered on the same evening of the reception. Our award winning same day edit film option would surely add to the charm and magnificence of your big day.



Clara and Stephen’s wedding is a combination of Chinese and Western style. It started with the traditional Chinese wedding rituals, and then switched to the grand St Thomas Church North Sydney, where the wedding vows were exchanged and the ceremony was held. The reception was at Daring Island Wharf, it is a spectacular waterfront venue with great views of Sydney Darling Harbour and Opera House. The same day edit film of Clara and Stephen is a great example to show how SDE excited the people in wedding and pushed the wedding to a greater and higher level.



This is an amazing same day edit experience from Zandro and Reigene’s wedding. We also filmed the couple’s reactions while we were showing them their SDE. This novel way of filming and editing offers a vivid and exciting wedding experience not only for the couple but also for us as a outside viewer. We took their church ceremony scene as one of the best moments for their wedding day and edited it as a quite long sequence, not only because that for many Philippine couple church wedding is a ritual and tradition, but we can tell the deep love between them when we see Zandro’s tears the moment he caught the first sight of his bride. Let’s enjoy this amazing same day edit film. This was the best SDE of AVPA Award 2014.



On the last day of 2014, Kristin and John tied the knot. There beautiful and romantic wedding was held at Centennial Vineyard in Southern highlands, NSW. When it comes to grand and vintage weddings, southern highlands are always among the first choices for newlyweds, and Bowral wedding venues are also great choices for a boutique and romantic wedding. Our bride is an American girl and her father is too old to travel to Sydney for her daughter’s wedding, so Kristin and John invited us to make a same day edit film their wedding for their old father. When we released the SDE film before evening, Kristin’s father in the US was so excited to share the happiness of his daughter’s wedding in the same day.