Our Signature Wedding Highlights Film provides you with a unique three – five minute cinematic experience, highlighting the key moments of your wedding day. Our award-winning videographers are excited to capture all of your emotions and memories created on your wedding day in a short yet polished film. Your Signature Highlights Film is bound to be watched over and over again throughout your happy marriage.

A ray of sunshine

In one of our Sydney wedding film category, we have Stephanie and Andrew’s Palm Beach wedding, set in the beautiful environment of the setting as well as the dramatic weather that day.
This beautiful Palm Beach Sydney wedding film begins and a brief showcase of the beautiful and lush environment, and Andrew’s speech for Stephanie that day. It is humble, it is soft, and it is what a wedding speech is all about. The Sydney wedding film nicely shows of all the beautiful decorations made that day – the table setting with flowers, the little handmade hangings all around, and how everything is soft, white, and beautiful.
We get a little background on the groom as he dresses himself for the big day – he’s an architect, and truly joyous of having a partner like Stephanie. Andrew narrates their story as Stephanie gets ready as well. All is captured in a light tone because that’s what this wedding film suits best. All of the preparations are complete and then comes the main event of the wedding.
The morning’s beautiful, with the sun shining as is the happy face of the groom, holding Emma and Ally, Stephanie and Andrew’s two beautiful girls, as they see their family officially form. The vows are spoken, rings are worn, and hands are joined with smiles on their faces as they become husband and wife. Just minutes before the wedding starts, the dramatic weather makes it pour, adding life and more beauty to this Sydney wedding film. Twenty minutes later, the sun starts to shine again, as Stephanie and Andrew also shine, as one.


Anna and Craig’s traditional Jewish wedding is held at The Great Synagogue, which is one of the largest synagogues in Sydney. Their wedding reception is at the QVB Tea Room. The tasteful happy atmosphere and easy locations make QVB a popular wedding venue for those romantic and stunning city weddings. Before their Jewish wedding ceremony. The traditional Jewish first look completely took the groom’s breath away and polishes up the true celebration with a more loveable tone. We’ve found that the Jewish wedding is a true celebration of love, that is how we captured all of the Jewish wedding elements to feature this wedding highlights film.


Wedding highlights is a very interesting and great way to capture the most exciting part in the wedding and show it to our clients. James and Mariel’s wedding ceremony was held at beautiful Pine Grove at Centennial Park, and the reception was at The Old Library. Both of our bride and groom have the Asian background and work at the creative industry; our bride is an architect and our groom is a designer, and they DIY wedding invitation cards with a sketch of each guest. Before the ceremony, we suggested a first look for the couple, and we were lucky enough to capture the exciting faces and happy tears.