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At In A Maze, we believe Sydney wedding photography & wedding videography should captivate and hence move you. We see things like a complete work where every frame has a purpose and message. It should take you to relive the moments and emotions as if you were there. It should make you discover new things and as a result create memories over again. Our passion lies at the heart of storytelling to craft uniquely memorable and compelling narratives filled with life. Therefore, a story is at the very heart of everything we do.

Hunter Valley Elopement Wedding

Swift Mansion Wedding, Darling Point

Love Story of Wedding Photographer, Queenstown


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Our studio is located in Sydney, Australia where we love to meet couples and get inspired. However our vision for storytelling knows no bounds and as a result, this takes us to places far and wide. After all, those one of a kind moments could happen anywhere really. Get in touch today to find out more or simply have a browse through our beautiful wedding videography and photography