Reaching For You

As wedding videographers, a pre wedding video is something uniquely special. We get the know the couple from the beginning and through the lens, and as a result, tell their story. In fact, we see a pre wedding video as the start of a journey, as a buildup to something amazing. Because of this, we were thrilled when Linda and Jof asked us to travel to New Zealand and film them.

Linda and Jof’s love story is a modern take on the classic tale of fate. Living two separate lives in different corners of Australia, Linda and Jof met for a brief moment but parted ways. Eventually, years later, Linda stumbled onto Jof’s wedding photography Instagram account and consequently, decided to reach out. Finally, they met again and the rest is history.


Keep You Close

Travelling with Linda and Jof throughout New Zealand for their pre-wedding video was simply amazing. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and scenery, Linda and Jof were always themselves – playful, fun and above all, in love. Because of this, there was no hiding their passion for each other, no matter where they were or what they were doing. Together, their smiles beamed as brightly as the sun and almost made the gorgeous surroundings nothing but another backdrop.

Our favourite moment was of Jof taking photos of his future wife who stood beside a gorgeous lake. It seemed to be so poetic because they reconnected through Instagram over Linda’s admiration of Jof’s work. As wedding photographers and videographers, we were really touched by this shot and the meaning behind it.

We loved getting to know Linda and Jof’s as part of their pre-wedding video. We just know they’ll share a lifetime of adventure, laughs and most of all, love together. Congratulations Linda and Jof!

Pre-wedding, Love Story
Queenstown, New Zealand / Sydney, Australia