Each couple has an individual story to tell and your wedding is your moment to do so. Our award winning videographers will assist you in recreating your key, happy, unique and sometimes funny moments in which make up the story of your relationship, your love, your two lives becoming one. It follows the journey of love, precious moments shared together, all the way to the engagement and the expected wedding. Shown to your family and friends during your wedding reception, be prepared for a few happy tears as you take a trip down memory lane, to where it all began.



Making use of the unique idea of using the couple’s individual birth stars, the film follows both, the future bride and groom, Heaven and Lucky, and how they led their lives according to their birth star traits that led them to each because it was meant to be. It creates a love story full of tender passion from the first moment they accidentally met to the sad moment when the time just wasn’t right. Then it follows the hope of coming back to each other and relates to the happiness and joy of simply being together. It exhibits a series of fast moving shots of Heaven and Lucky, that show the beautiful flashbacks of their time spent together and emphasizes on the beautiful moment when he places a ring on her finger. This is the essence of In A Maze Films – to focus on capturing the raw emotions and the full story of the pre wedding film.



Emma and Gary’s pre-wedding film was shot in San Francisco, US. For Emma and Gary, there is no doubt that love is the prerequisite for marriage, and cherishing everything that your lover has done for you, is the prerequisite for a long lasting marriage. With the invitation of this lovely couple. we travelled to San Fransisco, where their love story was nourished and developed. In order to better capture the beautiful view of this beautiful and romantic city, we used the drone shots, which enabling the love story to happen and be experienced in a broader perspective.



Cassie and Kenny’s pre wedding film was filmed in few locations in the form of the music video. The university library where they first met and fell in love with each other, the ornate QVB and stunning beaches which they often go together to, as well as the Darling Harbour where Kenny bended his knees and proposed to Cassie, all weaved together under our camera lens to become most important parts of their love story. Pre wedding is the best way to illustrate the love story in the mot emotional way, and since it has various ways to represent the true love story, pre wedding is always among our award-winning services.