A Dance Through Life

We call ourselves wedding videographers and photographers, but at heart, we’re simply storytellers who are captivated by cinematic wedding videography. After all, every love story is unique and hence, being a part of that is very special for us. We were lucky enough to shoot Mala and Luke’s pre wedding and got to know about their romantic past. Because of this, we knew our cinematic wedding videography would be a perfect way to capture their amazing wedding day.

When we first met Mala and Luke we could see the strong connection they had. When we discovered they went to high school and grew up together in the Northern beaches, it all made sense. Most of all, we loved it when Luke said he was amazed by Mala’s dancing. So before they were even married, they were lovers, companions and above all, best friends.


Best Friends and Lovers

Mala and Luke celebrated their wedding at The Boat House in Palm Beach. The couple’s relaxed nature set the mood for what was certainly one of the most enjoyable weddings ever. Guests mingled by the waterfront for the bridal party to arrive and spirits were high for such an occasion. Like a scene from a movie, Luke and his groomsmen arrived to the ceremony by boat. And finally, before long, his stunning bride Mala, came to greet him. Holding back tears of joy, the pair supported each other through their emotion-filled vows. With the formalities done, Mala and Luke danced their way to the reception filled with smiles and laughter.

We loved telling Mala and James’ love story with our cinematic wedding videography. It is because of couples like them that we push our creative boundaries to capture such beautiful moments. Above all, we’re thankful to be a part of something so special. Congratulations!

Wedding Film, Short Film
The Boat House, Palm Beach