Swift Mansion Wedding of Dominique and Sunny


Dominique Choy and Sunny Wang tied the knot at Sydney’s iconic Swift Mansion where our wedding videography team captured a celebration that was only fitting for one of Taiwan’s most popular celebrity couples.

On a gorgeous summer’s day, our wedding videographers arrived at Swift Mansion in Sydney’s Darling Point for what we knew would be the perfect celebration for celebrity couple Dominique Choy and Sunny Wang. Rivaling that of a fairytale, Dominique and Sunny’s love story spanned a decade of missed encounters and second chances. Theirs is a story of two people who fell head-over-heels in love, who went their separate ways, only to be brought back together by a little thing called fate and we couldn’t wait to tell it.

Love filled the air as Dominique and Sunny shared their past and future through their vows in the estate’s beautifully landscaped gardens. Looking stunning in every way, the couple’s smiles spoke volumes as they took in the shared happiness of loved-ones while making their fairytale departure from the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage.

The celebrations came to life at the wedding reception which was gorgeously styled by She Designs. While guests admired the beautiful surrounds and elaborate floral arrangements, Dominique and Sunny used this as a distraction to take a moment for themselves. With some alone time together, the couple found a companion in the setting sun who was the perfect witness to the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Wedding Videography Team

Returning to accompany their guests, Dominique and Sunny looked every part the leading pair as they took centre stage. Our wedding videographers tested their own footwork to capture the elegance of a dance that could only be done by two people in perfect harmony with each other. With the drinks flowing, guests made their way to the dancefloor where they partied the night away with the couple to the energy of the band’s music.

As wedding photographers and videographers, our couples are always the stars, and for Dominique and Sunny’s wedding, this was certainly true. Witnessing such a spectacular wedding made us appreciate how lucky we are to capture such magic moments that fall not only into the history of others’ lives but sometimes into the history of a building too.

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Swift Mansion, Darling Point