Their first date and therefore the beginning of their courtship would be movies on George St which was followed with dinner at McDonalds across the road. Very romantic AND economical. They still can’t agree on who liked who first but I liked how Michael remembers it. Michael said to me “I knew Eva liked me and I waited a long time for her to express her feelings but she didn’t. So I had to do it myself, and so I asked her out on a date with me. I also waited for 10 years for her to propose but she didn’t, so eventually I had to!”

Nevertheless. Over the time that followed, their friendship moved easily into a relationship. They discovered they shared many of the same interests, both studying visual communications together, and they only like wearing specific colours. Black, white, grey and blue. That’s it. Michael specifically had to buy brown shoes for today to match the outfit. They also share very similar goals and values. Whether that be career, family or life in general.

So together they make a really, really good team but they give each other space to be themselves too which is very important. They see eye to eye on all those important things but they also embrace their differences. These differences are not meant to separate them but to create great balance in their relationship.


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