Bendooley Estate wedding video of Sharon and Steven – a day when love ruled the world

We are back as Southern Highlands wedding videographer filming the videography wedding of Sharon and Steven. At their Bendooley Estate wedding, we had a lovely time as Sydney wedding videographers and capturing the special moments of the day.


Wedding at Bendooley Estate – a day of romance and love

Bendooley Estate is a charming place. With so much of greenery, manicured gardens, and flowering plants around, we went out nature hunting, capturing everything that caught our fancy.
We wanted you to see how pretty Bendooley estate is and hence began the wedding video with an aerial view of the place. We even caught hold of a few wild animals grazing there.

Sharon and Steven are nice people. The wedding speeches testify their characters and what makes them special. As rightly pointed out by Sharon’s friend, they are complete human beings who are looking for love to allow their life to bloom. See Steven, so handsome and smiling? He was very happy as was evident from his smile and why shouldn’t he be as he was marrying his high school sweetheart Sharon. Both Sharon and Steven got ready at the Bendooley Estate. This gave us, the wedding videographer, easy access to them. We also filmed the accessories using interesting props.

As an experienced Southern Highlands wedding videographer, we used the colors of the fall to light up our frames. The pretty shades of yellow, fiery red and serene greens gave the Bendooley Estate wedding album a simple and vibrant look that you will love to watch. The fall found its place in the wedding décor also. The tables were decorated with branches and leaves that gave the Sydney wedding video a unique charm.

Videography Wedding of Sharon and Steven

We have divided the Bendooley Estate videography wedding into two parts – the first one gives you a quick recap of the day, while the second half shows the day in detail. We hope you will like our work as a wedding videographer Sydney. In the second part, as Southern Highlands wedding videographer, we have captured how Sharon got ready, her outdoor wedding, the speeches, and of course the reception at the Bendooley Estate. We were mesmerized by the look of the reception as a wedding videographer.

In the wedding videography Sydney, we have included a few romantic shots of the couple against the setting sun, beside the lake, and in the wood. As Southern Highlands wedding videography, we wish Sharon and Steven a very happy married life.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Van Middleton Photography
Makeup Artist: Sally Studio
Hair Stylist: Ethix Makeup Beauty & Styling
Civil Celebrant: Louise Mcdonough
Venue: Bendooley Estate
Band: FunkieField Entertainment
Cake: Alcakemy

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