One of the best definitions of beauty is love. When you see the beautiful couple, Melissa and Grant in this wedding film, you would be bound to say that their love for each other makes them look so beautiful. It was our pleasure to capture the wedding of this couple. Before the wedding ceremony, Melissa and Grant met each other on a beautiful bridge. Their first look was extremely romantic and we enjoyed capturing the lovely moments. Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception took place at Cell Block Theatre.

As the film starts, you can see a beautiful place where Grant is waiting with a smile on his face. The location is truly beautiful. We have scouted this wonderful location before the wedding and finally we found the perfect venue.

As Melissa greeted Grant, he became speechless to see the girl of his dreams in the gorgeous wedding dress. They smiled, blushed and kissed each other tenderly. Melissa looked extremely pretty in the wedding gown and Grant complimented her that she looks stunning. Melissa hugged Grant in response. Grant looked very handsome in his wedding tuxedo. They felt overwhelmed with emotions and happiness to see each other before the wedding. Hand in hand, they looked made for each other.

The venue is equally beautiful. The decorations of the wedding venue were exceptionally done. We can see Melissa and Grant are getting ready for the ceremony. Melissa looked extremely happy as she got ready for the most special moment of her life.

When Grant saw Melissa walking down the aisle towards him, he smiled coyly. The couple exchanged wedding vows happily and when they were pronounced husband and wife, they looked the happiest. Melissa’s expression revealed how much she was excited for this life changing moment. The beautiful couple kissed and embraced each other lovingly. It seemed as if all their dreams were fulfilled. The guests cheered for the couple.

The wedding reception was beautifully decorated with the perfect lighting, gorgeous flowers and great centerpieces. Their wedding cake looked great. It was written ‘Always and forever’ on top of it. It was a fun-filled reception. There were plenty of music and dance. The guests were busy clicking photographs and the couple looked very happy. Everyone seemed to enjoy the reception party of Melissa and Grant. The couple danced gracefully with each other. Their love was reflected in their dance too.

We thoroughly enjoyed capturing the wedding of Melissa and Grant. We would like to wish them a beautiful married life.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Mark and Kara Photography
Makeup Artist: Stacey McPherson
Civil Celebrant: Gaynor Cobby
Venue: The Cell Block Theatre
Band: Red Soda
Catering: Laissez Faire Catering

Wedding Film, Highlights Film
Cell Block Theatre, National Art School

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