Derya and Tuncay’s wedding was nothing short of a dream wedding. This beautiful Turkish wedding took place in the lush green Miramare Gardens, which looked pristine and soothing. As the wedding film starts, you can see the breathtaking place where the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception of Derya and Tuncay take place. A beautiful pond can be seen between the green meadows.

As your eyes get glued on the picturesque venue of the wedding, you get a glimpse of the good looking couple, Derya and Tuncay amidst the greenery. They are lost in each other’s eyes. Their loving gaze and their tender embrace are enough to convey how much happy they are with each other.

Derya looked stunning and angelic in the white wedding gown. Tuncay looked charming and handsome in his tuxedo. The wedding speech of both Derya and Tuncay was exceptionally romantic and touching.

Tuncay said with a hint of nostalgia in his eyes that the first time he met Derya, he found her very friendly, easy going, warm hearted and funny. Tuncay said, looking at Derya that today, he is giving her the ring, but he has already given her his heart two years back. Not only Derya but also the guests present in the wedding ceremony got emotional.

Derya acknowledges in her wedding speech how lucky and blessed she is to find a person who keeps her happy always. Derya tells to Tuncay with immense love in her eyes that he has been her best friend, mentor and soul mate, but most importantly the love of her life who makes her happier than she could ever imagine. Derya also said that she would try to love Tuncay’s sport and try not to be jealous. This made the guests and Tuncay laugh.

Derya and Tuncay are truly made for each other couple. They look beautiful together when they walk hand in hand in the green meadows. The couple looks deeply in love when they lie on the grass looking at each other.

The decoration of the wedding reception is exceptionally gorgeous. The table centerpieces embellished with white flowers look marvelous. The white wedding cake looks beautiful. The guests are seen having a fabulous time in the reception of Derya and Tuncay. There is music and dancing all around. The guests dance to their heart’s content, cheering for the newlywed couple. Derya and Tuncay dance with each other with love and affection.

This was truly a beautiful Turkish wedding. We would like to wish the romantic couple, Derya and Tuncay a blissful married life.

Cinematography: In A Maze Films
Photographer: Dennis Fernando Photography
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Ebru
Hair Stylist: Peta Winter bridal hair
Civil Celebrant: Vicki Lever
Florist: Elkhair florist by Dina Kheir
Master of Ceremony: Emrah Borhan
String Trio: Opus 4
DJ: DJ Gurbz
Wedding Car: Silver Cloud Wedding Cars
Wedding Cake: Sweet bloom cakes
Ceremony and Reception held at: Miramare Gardens


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