“Love is the prerequisite for marriage, and cherishing everything that your lover has done for you, is the prerequisite for a long lasting marriage.”– Emma

Emma is a typical Chinese girl who is sweet and introverted, and she has romantic fantasy about love and wedding. She used to live alone in HK for over one year before meeting her fiancé, Gary. There was love at the first sight. Then the light of love shines through and lit up her mundane life. For Gary, Emma is the first southern girl he has met in his life, who totally captured his heart with her sweetness and caring qualities. Her smile is like contagion, and he’s totally infected.

Love is a beautiful and intriguing feeling. When you are together with your lover, you feel like you’re lost in an amazing world, where you are treated like you are in heaven. Emma and Gary share the similar qualities and hobbies, they enjoy keeping each other’s company, doing things together and creating life together. It is the deep love grown in their heart all the time since love at the first sight that bonds the lovely couple together and lead them to the wedding.

San Francisco is such a beautiful place, where the roots of love grow gradually and deeply in both the film and Emma and Gary’s souls. In a beautiful autumn day in San Francisco, sit down under the maple trees, just to watch the autumn leaves falling and feel the time passes by around you, with your lover. Imagine how beautiful it could be.

“The most beautiful thing in life is to meet your true love. Thanks for coming into my life.” – Emma + Gary’s Pre Wedding Film

Directed by Jeffrey Xiong


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