Hopewood House wedding video of Andy and Alex


There is a serenity in the Hopewood House that soothes the soul. As a wedding destination, it is one of the best. Andy and Alex chose it as their wedding venue and we were lucky to be their Southern Highlands wedding videographer.


Hopewood House wedding of Andy and Alex

We have covered the entire property in details in this Sydney wedding video. We hope you will love its sprawling meadows, the towering white building and the perfectly maintained gardens that make it such a charming place.

As their Sydney wedding videographers, we have extensively covered the entire day but mixed up the snippets in the video to make it look natural.

The video opens with the customary shots of the wedding venue with wedding speech of Alex playing in the background. Simple but heartfelt, he describes how he met Andy and the eternal bond he shares with her.

We have also captured how Andy got ready for her wedding. She is beautiful, friendly, and emotional. When taking her wedding vows, she sniffled but continued. The moment was so touching that it made almost everybody present at the Hopewood House wedding wipe tears from their faces. Well, these were tears of joy and cherished by all.

Alex is a simple guy. He is romantic but serious also. He is dependable and that made him so lovable.

Outdoor wedding at the Hopewood House

The day was sunny and the weather perfect for an outdoor wedding. As Southern Highlands Wedding videographer, we love outdoor weddings as we can capture the natural setting that makes wedding videos a pleasure to view.

Simple and natural, the wedding of Alex and Andy had a rustic touch. The wedding venue looked ethereal with the white flowers, green shrubs, and the blue sky. The guests were in a great mood and blessed the couple wholeheartedly.

The wedding speeches also made the guests emotional as they came straight from the heart. The first dance was a sensuous one. It made all the couples come on the dance floor. There was love in the air.
Andy and Alex roamed around the park and we took several personal shots of them. They had a great time.

We hope Andy and Alex will cherish their Sydney wedding video. We wish them joy, love, and friendship.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: In A Maze
MUHA: PV hairmakeup
Venue: Hopewood House
Cake: Cake Arcade

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