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A newlywed couple coming out of the church waving at the guests who are showering confetti on them; the bride looking gorgeous in her white gown; the bride is throwing her garter at the crowd – is that Italian wedding for you? Yes, there are many such lovely and meaningful customs in Italy that are followed during the wedding. Some are buried in the sands of time while some have modified to suit the modern time.

The wedding cultures in Italy

Italy is a vast country with each part having its own wedding customs. Some of these are being practiced for centuries like the Bomboniere or the wedding favor, carrying a La Borsa, and the tradition of getting married on Sunday.

La Serenata is practiced only by theatrical couples. In this tradition, the groom serenades the bride on the night before the wedding.

Friday is considered inauspicious in Italy and hence rarely chosen as the wedding day. Sundays are the best days as they signify luck and prosperity.

The bridal bouquet plays a crucial role in Italian weddings. It is usually bought by the groom as the last gift for his girlfriend before she becomes his wife. 

Another popular Italian wedding culture which is practiced since the 14th century is the bride wearing a garter. After the wedding, the bride removes the garter and the guests keep a piece of it as a sign of good luck. In some regions, the groom removes it and throws it to the crowd. If the bride is not wearing a garter, her right shoe is thrown.

As in other parts of the world, the Italian grooms are forbidden to see their brides on the wedding day. However, in some parts of Italy, the bride cannot see herself. 

We are used to seeing brides wearing white but this was not the custom always. In Tuscany, the bride usually wears a black dress with a white hat. 

Superstitions are associated with the veil. In south Italy, the veil signifies the love between the bride and groom.

Italian Wedding Videos – How we capture the love and romance

Italy is a picturesque country with beautiful landscapes. Venice, Amalfi, Tuscany, and Sicily are some of the spots famous for destination weddings. We have been shooting Italian wedding videos on behalf of Sydney wedding videography.

We love to shoot Italian weddings as they give us a glimpse of the cultures of a particular place. Whether it is Tuscany or Sicily, we love to capture the views of the beautiful country. Italian weddings are usually romantic and give us a scope to film the moments that define the loving relationship between the Italian bride and groom.

We know the different customs and traditions of Italy and hence cover these events in detail in the wedding videos. Wedding video Sydney takes care to focus on the important events that define Italian weddings. Be it the confetti or the wedding bouquet or the gown, we know the importance of these props and items. A wedding is a blend of emotions like love, romance, and fun. We love to film the first dance and wedding speeches.

When it comes to creating Italian wedding films, we are the best in terms of expertise and experience.

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