Philipino wedding of Avery and Brian at Jasper Berry


“She is the one for me” – when Brian uttered these words, we knew how powerful love can be. Watch this Jasper weddings video and bless Avery and Brian, a lovely Philipino couple. They tied the knot in the enchanting Jasper Berry which is located on the South Coast of New South Wales.


Enjoy the destination wedding of Avery and Brian

We have begun the wedding video of Avery and Brian with the view of New South Wales. So green and serene, the countryside looked enthralling through the camera. Nestled amongst a grove, the Jaspers Berry is a lovely place. With abundant natural beauty, the venue will steal anyone’s heart. It has an interesting outdoor décor with different games like tic-tac-toe and chess. Many guests entertained themselves with these.

The wedding was held at the beautiful St Patricks Church. The church was nicely decorated and the guests waited eagerly for the bride. Avery walked down the aisle with her father and you can see how Brian is smiling at her. The wedding vows were exchanged and a few Philipino rituals were also performed.

As South Coast wedding videographer, we covered all the main events of the day and created this wedding video. We loved to witness the union of the two souls and bless them wholeheartedly.

The Jasper weddings concluded on a happy note for the couple. On behalf of South Coast wedding videographer, we wish Avery and Brian a very happy and loving life ahead.

Ben is handsome, mature, and very romantic. HE penned his wedding vow which touched everyone present at the wedding. Julie is a gorgeous woman. She glowed with love. She looked like a princess in her white wedding gown but the real star of the day was their little daughter. She stole the show with her smile and was present to witness the holy union of her parents.
As a family, they took the wedding vows which was an amazing thing to do. We know that their love is so strong that they will always stay together. The wedding venue was simply decorated with flowers. With a natural setting as amazing as the Palm Beach, the place looked stunning.

As wedding videographers, we wish both Ben and Julie and their little princess all the joys in the world.


Film: In A Maze
Photography: Evoke Photography
Venue: Jaspers, Berry

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