Filming the spirit of a Jewish wedding – How we create wedding films to represent the true meanings of the customs

Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! The guests keep on cheering the bride and groom. The ambiance is so eclectic that you cannot help but join them. That’s how Jewish weddings touch your heart and make you a part of them.

Jewish wedding – Customs that transcend time and culture

Jewish weddings are a spectacle to witness. Not only the customs look beautiful, but they also have an inner meaning that is linked to the Bible and the Jewish history and culture that date back to thousands of centuries. A Jewish wedding is not only a legal contract between a man and a woman but also a holy cosmic union.

One of the important customs of a Jewish wedding is the Bedeken or the veiling of the bride. The bride sits on a throne and the groom approaches with a procession and covers her face with a veil. This ceremony signifies that the groom is not interested in the physical beauty of his bride but her inner beauty which will not fade with time.

The veiling ceremony also stresses the modesty of the bride. The bride’s face is kept under the veil until the Chuppah ceremony.

You may have seen Jewish couples taking their marriage vows under a decorated canopy. This is the Chuppah under which the marriage oaths are taken. The walk to the Chuppah is also important and the groom walks to it along with his parents first. The bride and her parents follow and later on under the Chuppah the marriage ceremony takes place. The Chuppah is open on all sides which implies the couple will set up a home that will be open to guests.

The Ketubah is an integral part of every Jewish wedding. The Ketubah is a legal contract that contains the obligations of the husband towards his wife.

Another interesting tradition followed in the weddings of the Jews is the breaking of the glass. After the wedding vows are taken, the groom stomps on a cloth napkin in which a glass is kept. The shattering of the glass has several meanings. It reminds us that life is about joy, celebration, and sorrow also. The shattered glass also refers to the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem. Some couples use the glass shards to create a memento of the wedding.

As the glass is shattered, the guests shout ‘Mazel Tov’. This means congratulations or good luck.

Jewish wedding videos – Beautiful traditions that create special moments

Jewish wedding rituals are beautiful with a deeper meaning. As wedding videography Sydney, we love to film Jewish weddings. We have created many Jewish wedding films and our favorite customs are the vow under the Chuppah and breaking of the glass. We love the excitement that marks these practices. We try to retain the emotions and shoot in natural light to make the wedding film look natural. We capture all the actions and customs and love the dancing that is a hallmark of every Jewish marriage.

Sydney wedding video has filmed many Jewish weddings and love the rich tradition and history that get reflected in the wedding ceremonies.

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