Korean Wedding – Capturing the cultural traditions in the wedding films

Attending weddings in different communities is a valuable experience and if the country is Korea the experience becomes memorable because of the cultural and historical connection. From the choice of colors of the wedding attire to the food, everything in a Korean wedding has a deeper meaning that makes the wedding more significant.

Korean wedding ceremony – a blend of culture and philosophy

In traditional Korean marriages, the bride and the groom wear ceremonial robes called hanbok. The bride wears red and the groom blue that symbolizes the Confucian concept of yin(female) and yang(male). The mother of the bride wears pink or purple while the mother of the groom wears blue.

Modern couples often choose western-style wedding attire but the parents and grandparents wear hanbok.

The wedding ceremony is known as kunbere and it is a short one. However, there are a few interesting rituals that make weddings memorable.

The bride and groom take the wedding vow in the presence of their parents, relatives, and friends. After the wedding, the newlywed couple drinks wine from a gourd grown by the bride’s mom. This ceremony symbolizes divine love match. The guest list at a Korean wedding is pretty long and may cross 500. The guests usually give money as gifts to the couple.

Korean Wedding Film – Capturing the eternal moments

As we mentioned earlier, Korean weddings involve many colorful rituals that make shooting them exciting for a wedding videographer. We have shot many Korean weddings and love to cover traditional practices. The couple and their parents look gorgeous in the traditional outfits. These colorful dresses make the wedding film look resplendent. Usually, a lot of guests attend these weddings and add a different charm to the event. The tea ceremony is very pious and so we film it with earnestness. Our favorite is the pyebaek ritual in which a lot of fun and laughter is involved. We try to capture candid shots of the couple and their near ones that make Sydney wedding videography so popular with Korean couples.

Whether the Korean couple chooses to tie the knot traditionally or follow western culture, we make sure to create a memorable Sydney wedding video that they will cherish for their entire life.

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