Lebanese Wedding Video – Giving you a glimpse of incredible wedding culture

Colorful, musical, extraordinary, and thrilling. Everything about Lebanese weddings is superlative. If you have ever attended one you will know and it is always nice to know the customs and traditions that make it so spectacular.

Lebanese wedding rituals – a celebration of love and life

Lebanese believe in grand celebrations and their weddings also reflect this philosophy of life. Dance, drums, fireworks, and decorated venues mark these weddings.  More is better is the basic idea for any Lebanese marriage ceremony.

The celebration starts days before the actual wedding. There are big engagement parties, pre-wedding bashes, and the final culmination is the reception which is held in big venues with dream-like decorations to make the ceremony memorable.

Fireworks are an integral part of Lebanese weddings and professionals are hired for these shows. You will be enamored by the amazing fireworks show at the beginning or end of the night.

Have you heard of zaffe? It is the most glorious part of the wedding. This is the extravaganza that makes Lebanese weddings so unique. The bride and groom make a grand entry to the reception with traditional zaffe dancing and drummers happily beating their drums. Deafening music, the spectacle of the zaffe dancing, and the loud cheer by the guests make this a truly memorable event.

Food is also a crucial part of Lebanese weddings. Traditional delicacies are served at the reception in the mezza style. This is multiple platters of delicious items served to the guests. At some weddings, a formal 3-course meal is served. 

If you are attending a Lebanese wedding, get ready to tap your feet. Music and dance play a vital role in the culture of the country and weddings include a lot of dance performances. Popular Arabic tunes are played and often mixed with international numbers to create the mood. Belly dancing is also commonly seen at weddings.

A sword at the wedding! Well, that’s the knife. We all know that cake cutting is a major ritual of weddings but in Lebanese weddings, you will find a sword used to cut the cake. Amidst a lot of cheer, clapping, and music, the couple cut the cake with the help of a sword.

Another tradition followed in Lebanese wedding is that the couple stays back until all the guests have left the venue. This is to show respect to the guests.

Lebanese wedding videography – how we shoot the extravagant shows

Years of experience in shooting wedding films have given us the expertise to create engaging Lebanese wedding films. To capture the spirit of the wedding, we use multiple cameras to take videos from every angle. Sydney wedding video highlights the emotions that make Lebanese weddings so special. We know how important the zaffe is hence and cover it in detail. We love to film the dancing and the sound of the drum that creates a magical atmosphere.

Guests gather outside the reception area to welcome the couple and dance and so we have to cover these scenes also. Wedding film Sydney uses skilled videographers to capture the scenes as they occur to create an amazing wedding film.

We know how wonderful Lebanese culture is and hence try to capture its nuances through Sydney wedding video.

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