How does it feel like to write a letter with your own hand and gift it to your bride on the eve of the wedding? Romantic, maybe. Touching, of course. However, I think such a hand-written letter filled with love and cherishing the good time shared and also looking forward to creating many more memorable moments reveals the love a man has for his woman. And when such a letter is exchanged between individuals who are from the field of IT, it tells a lot about how they feel for each other and care for each other.

Mai and Cuong form a modern couple who are together for a long time and still yearn for each other like newly-met. They are passionate, private and hard working people. They have seen a lot of ups and downs in their lives and have understood the true meaning of togetherness. When we visited their house, we couldn’t miss the wall which showcases a few framed photos of the couple through the years. Many things have changed but not their love for each other.

Coung loves Mai dearly and the way he expressed it during the wedding ceremony was very heart touching. How often do you see the groom breaking into tears while talking about his bride? It was such a touching sight to see the bride and the groom crying together, of course in happiness.

Their wedding was a low key affair attended by their close relatives and friends who shared a lot of anecdotes about the couple. The photo booth garnered a lot of attention as the guests took lots of photos and took them as mementos.

We have deliberately used less sound in this wedding video as we wanted to focus on the expressive faces of the couple and their own words which resonated their feelings so well.

We hope the love between Mai and Cuong grow with the years and they add many more photos on their wall.

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