Today is a celebration. A celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever. This occasion is not only special because of the opportunity for you all to be together, but it is the day you all witness the marriage of your much loved friends, Daryl & Margaret.

Famously, Daryl’s first words to Margaret were, “Do you have a dollar?”, love at first sight one would assume. They met through their mutual friend, Jana, who likes to claim full credit as the reason why we are all here today… Margaret and Daryl clicked from day one, but only once the coin was exchanged…[pause and laugh]. They’ve grown together through those remarkable teenage years, to adulthood, over a period of 11 years, they’ve finished high school, graduated uni, began the next phase of their careers, adventured overseas, survived long distance, until finally sharing a place together. It’s not a surprise then that they both agree that imagining life without each other is impossible. They are best friends and somehow, even after all these years, they manage to talk for hours – every, single, day. When they announced their engagement, I know many of you responded with “about time” guys… Margaret and Daryl have accumulated endless memories over the course of their relationship … and endeavour to continue creating many more moments to savour, and to support each other through all of life’s moments…

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Jonathan David Photography
Civil Celebrant: Sally Shipard
Venue: Bells at Killcare
Band: The White Tree Band


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