Milton Park Wedding of Helen and Ben – a memorable love affair


Southern Highlands is all about rolling hills, sprawling meadows, waterfalls, and wilderness that touches the soul. As the Southern Highlands wedding videographer, we are proud to showcase our place to others. In this Milton Park wedding video, you will get a glimpse of the beauty of Southern Highlands and meet a romantic couple who are hard to forget.


Milton Park wedding of Helen and Ben

When we first met Helen and Ben we were bowled over by their simplicity, honesty, and sense of humor. In fact, it is difficult to pinpoint what makes Helen attractive – her looks, eyes, smile or sense of humor?

Helen is tall, fair, svelte, and cool. She is sorted and knows her priorities well. She is witty and popular with her friends due to her sense of humor. This got reflected in her wedding vows which made Ben laugh and blush a lot.

Well, Ben seemed a docile guy but in his wedding speech, he also revealed his funny side. The guests enjoyed the little secrets both Ben and Helen revealed that really showed how much they love each other.

A relaxed wedding in the countryside

Southern Highlands is simply gorgeous. We began the Sydney wedding video with an aerial view of the countryside. The greens look so soothing!
Helen and Ben had an outdoor wedding. The Milton Park wedding was a relaxed one. Helen wore a white wedding gown. Her sense of fashion reflected in the accessories she chose for herself.

She looked elegant in her wedding attire. Ben, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber. He is simple, confident, and besotted by Helen.

The couple had a romantic wedding. The wedding venue was elegantly decorated with lots of flowers and foliage. The white chairs complemented the décor. There was music, good food, a lot of bonding and romance at this Sydney wedding. The parents of the couple and the friends showered their love on them. The wedding speeches were memorable. The color white dominated the decoration and suited the greenery around. The huge and white wedding cake was something to behold. The first dance was romantic and personal. Ben and Helen got lost in each other while the guests looked at them lovingly.

We feel lucky to be a part of this Milton Park Wedding and wish the couple a life full of fun and love as their Southern Highlands wedding videographer.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Nigel Unsworth Studios
Civil Celebrant: Belinda Minns
Venue: Milton Park Country House Hotel & SPA

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