Crystal Palace wedding of Monique and Dennis


As wedding videographers, our greatest appreciation comes in the form of referrals. We had worked for Michelle and when she approached us to cover her sister Monique’s wedding, we were more than elated. In the Crystal Palace wedding of Monique and Dennis, we have created some lovely memories. Let us share them with you.


Colorful Vietnamese wedding of Monique and Dennis


Colors play a vital role in our lives. In Asia, red is considered auspicious and hence the bride wears red. Even you will find the groom and other guests draped in colorful outfits that made the Crystal Palace wedding video so resplendent. As per Vietnamese tradition, the groom and his friends visit the bride and all sorts of pranks are played on them. This is an integral part of Vietnamese weddings and most people try innovative pranks to make the event memorable.

Draped in traditional outfit, Dennis reaches Monique’s house. What ensued was pure madness. He was given prank foods which tasted very bad but he took them sportingly. Dennis participated in all the games, much to the amusement of everybody present. Look at Monique! She looked so elegant in her red gown. They performed a few traditions and sought the blessings of the elders. So the tea ceremony concluded with tea and snacks. The Vietnamese wedding of Monique and Dennis saw a blend of western and eastern culture.

The Crystal Palace bloomed with flowers. With different colored roses and orchids and ferns, the place looked magical. Rich and luxurious, with a touch of elegance, seldom you will find wedding receptions decorated so strikingly. As wedding videographers. So you can see how the newlywed couple sat amongst the huge floral decorations. There were delectable dishes, drinks, traditional Vietnamese performances, and dance. So the evening went by in a jiffy.

The first dance was very romantic. The bridesmaids and groomsmen had a gala time at the Crystal Palace wedding. As Sydney wedding videographers, we wish Monique and Dennis a blissful married life. We are happy to announce that we will be filming her youngest sister’s wedding also next year and hope to share that wedding video also with you all.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: White Vine Photography
Makeup Artist: I Make it by Linda
Hair Stylist: Natalie Anne
Band: Brown Sugar Entertainment
Cake: Alcakemy

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