Pier One Wedding of Peta and Chris – a sweet and romantic event


“I love you”- will these words ever lose their charm? Never. And when they are uttered by the groom in the wedding speech, you know how heartfelt they are. Here is a Pier One wedding video that will melt your heart and make you believe in love more.


Wedding of Peta and Chris – a Pier One affair to remember

We were the wedding videographer of Peta and Chris. While creating their wedding video, we tried to capture the nuances of their relationship. Peta and Chris are madly in love with each other. They are comfortable in each other’s company and is a pleasure to watch together.
We covered all the main events of the wedding; however, the highlights film shows only those moments that we felt stood out due to the emotions involved.

As for example, in the Sydney wedding video, we have begun the highlights with the wedding speech by Chris as we found his words truly expressed the bond that he and Peta shared with each other. Peta is a vivacious girl. She is beautiful, humorous, and friendly. She penned her own wedding vows which were emotional and humorous. The guests were in splits hearing her funny vows. Peta wore a lovely white wedding gown. She looked so elegant with her matching accessories in her Sydney wedding video.

Chris is a cool guy. He is confident of himself and looked quite composed on the wedding day. He played with his friends and had a nice time. He waited impatiently for his bride and was besotted by her wedding look. We loved the way Chris and Peta enjoyed their wedding. They were cool, cracked jokes, and won our hearts with their smile. Who can forget their first dance?

As their wedding videographer, we wish Peta and Chris a happy married life ahead. May they always laugh and enjoy together.

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