Our Life Together

At In A Maze, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional wedding videography services to all our couples. As a result, we’re always dedicated to capturing those unique and endearing moments that make wedding days special. As visual storytellers, something we love is great styling because who doesn’t want their wedding to look amazing?

Bailan and Chris are a couple with a truly great style and taste. When we met to discuss wedding videography services, they told us about their styling plans and ideas for the day. Immediately, we knew their day was set to be amazing and we couldn’t wait.


Everything You’ve Given


Bailan and Chris began their wedding day with a traditional ceremony at Sydney’s iconic St Mary’s Cathedral. Our wedding videographers were delighted because of how inspirational the building was, both on the inside and outside. Standing before family and friends, the pair looked nothing short of amazing as they said their vows. A warmth seemed to emanate from the gorgeous sandstone walls which surely had a history as rich as the couple’s.

After the ceremony, guests adjourned to Woolloomooloo for the wedding reception at the Ovolo Hotel. Everyone was treated to a visual spectacle in what was probably one of the most stylish receptions we had seen. A colour palette of deep purple and red hues created a moody backdrop that totally a contrasted the ceremony. It was elegant, it was stylish and above all, it was perfectly Bailan and Chris.

Looking through this film, we couldn’t have been happier at how amazing it all was. We were honored to offer our wedding videography services to Bailan and Chris to capture something so beautiful. We wish the couple all the best for their future days ahead.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Lara Hotz Photography
Makeup Artist: Helen Samaryan
Hair: Rhiannon Dimaria
Venue: Ovolo Woolloomooloo
Setup: Upside Down Events

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Ovolo Hotel