Singapore Wedding

Being a wedding videographer, you see wedding celebrations that come in all forms, from the small and intimate to large and elaborate. Regardless, each wedding videography project is always full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime with countless stories to be told and re-told. This was certainly true for RJ and Xiaohui’s wedding where our wedding videography team flew over to sunny Singapore to capture and create the same day edit of a truly unforgettable experience.

RJ and Xiaohui’s brought the fun and took us on an adventure across Singapore to capture their wild, fun and spirited personalities filled with passion for each other. As the couple spent their day together, there was no hiding the pure happiness present from our wedding videographers. Strolling hand-in-hand throughout Singapore, RJ and Xiaohui were fixated completely on each other as they smiled and laughed. Content with simply being together, you could have overlooked the locations if they weren’t some of the most iconic and breathtaking skylines and landscapes in the world.

Surrounded by their friends, family and loved ones, it was easy to see the tradition and family values inherent alongside RJ and Xiaohui’s fun-loving nature. The traditional Chinese door games were a mix of amazing and unexpected, and with both crazy and beautiful costumes, our wedding videography team were always ready for anything and everything that could happen.


Let love conquer all

Whether it was RJ and his groomsmen dancing all over town right to the very heart of to-be-wife or the heartwarming Chinese tea ceremony where the couple paid their respects to elders, the love was all around. Not ones to end a party early, RJ and Xiaohui’s reception continued at the exclusive and spectacular Capella where the newlyweds radiated joy as guests cheered them on and danced the night away.

We were thrilled and honored to have been a part of RJ and Xiaohui’s truly unique wedding to create a same-day edit for their Singapore wedding. Looking back to all the adventures the couple had in a day, we can only imagine the fun that a lifetime together will bring! Congratulations RJ and Xiaohui and we’ll be sure to say hello when we’re back in Singapore.

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