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The Great Hall, University of Sydney

Ernest and Kristy Host their Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

In the University of Sydney’s Great Hall

Our wedding videographers love themed weddings.  Ernest and Kristy’s wedding was an absolute treat to film.  We took advantage of the inspirational location and used resourceful creativity to infuse the couple’s love of Harry Potter with special moments from their special day. 

Our wedding films capture the uniqueness of the wedding couple and memorialise their day so they can enjoy the memories again and again for years to come.  We create wedding films that reveal the couple’s love story, their personalities, and the joy and celebration of the occasion, not just bringing together family and friends but two lives.

From beginning to end, the whole day was infused with delightful nods to the Harry Potter series.  Our wedding videography highlighted the drama and theatre of the venue and all the finer details thoughtfully selected to mirror the great Hogwarts dining hall.  Guests were entertained and enthralled by the gargoyles, gables and stained-glass windows – all-in-all, a perfect setting for a Harry Potter-inspired wedding.

You’re my Once in a Lifetime – Dance Partners for Life

Kristy looked truly radiant in her off-the-shoulder wedding dress with shimmering bodice and long, flowing trail.  She was a picture of radiance as she made her way up the aisle to Ernest, looking dapper (and a little bit nervous) in his neatly tailored black suit.

Against the dramatic backdrop of the majestic staircase, candelabra floor lamps, and gothic style architecture, guests were wined and dined in true Hogwarts fashion.  The long dining tables were stunningly and authentically decorated, adorned with scarlet and gold and blue and bronze runners, paying tribute to the houses of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.  Vintage style books draped with moss, magic wands and old pages of potions and spells all added to the magical aura of the occasion.

From the afternoon ceremony to the evening reception, our wedding videographers were always in the background, unobtrusively capturing loving glances, tears of joy, smiles of happiness and epic dance moves.  The large sparklers set off by the guests at the end of the celebrations were a fitting send-off as the couple walked off into the night and their new lives together.

We wish you a bright and beautiful future together, Ernest and Kristy.