Love Out There

At In A Maze, wedding photos are very special to us and after all, a picture tells a thousand words. For us, it’s the stillness of a moment that preserves raw emotion and elicits a kind of honesty. As a result, we take a narrative-focused approach to our wedding photography to capture the day as it unfolds.

When Helen and Alex asked us to be photographers for their elopement we were intrigued and wanted to learn more. The couple told us of their seven-year journey together and their love of adventure, nature and the outdoors. As a result, we were hooked and our Sydney wedding photography team headed to Turon Gates for the occasion.

Arriving at Turon Gates, our wedding photographers immediately took in the tranquility of the surrounding area. Because of this, it was no surprise why Helen and Alex wanted their wedding photos to be taken here. As the couple readied themselves, we felt something building up in the air that created a special kind of intimacy.

Everywhere with you

Surrounded by the remarkable landscape, Alex waited calmly and patiently for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly and steadily, Helen worked her way forward before stopping just short of her groom. Finally there and together, at last, the couple united as two figures in white merged as one.

When Helen and Alex exchanged vows, nature seemed to celebrate and grace them with a delicate and confetti-like rain. As a result, the rolling hills of Turon could not have been a more beautiful backdrop for their wedding photos. Wrapping up the day, Helen and Alex headed back to Turon Gates where a new adventure would begin.

We feel blessed to have captured Helen and Alex’s elopement and take their wedding photos in such a stunning place.

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Turon Gates