A simple, romantic, and relaxed wedding

As a Sydney wedding photographer, there’s something special about winter weddings. They seem to be that bit more vibrant, romantic and cosy and that’s why we could hardly contain our excitement for Christine and Morgans Bowral wedding at Peppers Manor House.

On a cool August morning, the sky was patterned with grey clouds as our wedding photographer team drove towards the Southern Highlands and when a light drizzle fell, we knew a great story was set to unfold.

Christine and Morgan began the day in the cosy rooms of Peppers Manor House by getting ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. With wide smiles and lively spirits, the group surrounded themselves with more warmth than a summer’s day could bring to such an occasion. In their final moments alone, Christine and Morgan took some time to reflect on the journey that brought them together before heading out with vigor to embrace everything that lay ahead.


let love conquer all

In the sprawling gardens of Peppers Manor House, family and friends gathered at the ceremony where the combination of a hazy light and the sound of a gentle rain falling created a mood so special that our wedding photographers almost thought they were on a film set.

When Christine and her father emerged and walked down the aisle, everything seemed to fall into place. As the couple stood united in front of a solitary tree, the rain came to a stop and the sun returned from behind the clouds, bathing everyone with a gentle warmth of reassurance second only to the vows exchanged by Christine and Morgan.

Returning to the comfort of the indoors, Peppers Manor House was imbued with a new life and vigor that welcomed the couple to their new chapter. The softest kind of sunlight streamed in throughout the house that played host to the celebrations that would see out the end of an amazing day.

After finishing up, we took one last stroll to admire the elegant interiors and gorgeous grounds of Peppers House Manor and thought that maybe we should focus more on Southern Highlands wedding photography and perhaps even move here…well maybe another time. Congratulations again to Christine and Morgan and we wish you the best of luck for everything the future brings.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: In A Maze
MUHA: Dream Studio
Venue: Peppers Manor House
DJ: Fave Events

Peppers Manor House