We have tried to capture the love tale of the soul mates, Samantha and Rory in their wedding video. The journey of these two hearts demands to be celebrated in the best possible way. In the beginning of the film, we see Rory and Samantha writing their wedding speech on a piece of paper in their room with love emanating from their eyes.

Samantha looked divinely beautiful in the white wedding gown and Rory looked perfectly handsome in the black tuxedo. Samantha’s hair is marvelously made and she looks like an angel.

When we saw them together, the phrase “Made for each other” kept ringing in our ears. They complemented each other splendidly. The first thing that struck us while we were capturing them in the video camera was the way they looked at each other. They don’t need to speak volumes to communicate their feelings to each other. Their eyes speak more than words. With their intense eye lock, their souls blend.

Rory says in his wedding speech that Samantha is his dream come true and his world. Rory says with a smile that he will always be Samantha’s partner, best friend and her number one fan. His wedding speech disclosed the depth of his love. The way Samantha’s eyes became moist with emotions while Rory delivered the wedding speech made us emotional.

Their wedding is held at Samantha’s family property which is beautifully prepared and embellished for the wedding. The white daisies adorn the place gracefully. We see the couple’s family and friends enjoying heartily in the wedding. A wide range of delicious food is arranged for guests. It is a cocktail style wedding.

We also took some shots of Samantha and Rory amidst the lush greenery. They were drowned in love. In the evening, they danced heartily with each other and with their friends. Samantha and Rory also posed for many photographs. We tried to capture all the merriment in their wedding video.

We wish the good-looking couple, Samantha and Rory Lemon a very happy and blissful married life. They are indeed soul mates destined to be together forever.

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