Sergeants Mess wedding of Marie and Joseph – a day of romance and love


Being a wedding videographer, we have witnessed different types of weddings but the cross-cultural ones are always special as we come across nuances of different cultures and traditions. In the Sergeants Mess wedding of Marie and Joseph, we saw the union of Chinese and Korean culture as the groom is from Korea and the bride is from China.


Wedding videography of Marie and Joseph


We adopted the classic style in filming the wedding video of our couple. We didn’t want to bore anyone and so have done a little bit of jugglery with the camera and fast-forwarded a few shots. This has given the Sydney video a nice look. We have begun the video with the usual shots of the gown and accessories. Listen to the letter that Joseph wrote to his fiancé as you check out how Marie looked in her wedding outfit. Did you notice the handwriting? It was so good!

Joseph got ready along with his friends. He has an impeccable sense of fashion. Look at him smiling at the book of cartoon drawings. He looks so sweet, no? Take a quick look into the Sergeants Mess wedding now. Marie and Joseph wandered in the property and got close too. These shots have come so well in the natural light.

The wedding was held at the St Thomas Anglican Church. The guests waited impatiently for the bride to arrive. She made a dramatic entry into the church which made Joseph break into a bright smile. The couple took their wedding vows seriously. They were blessed by the Father and their relatives and friends.


Sergeants Mess wedding – a memorable night for all


The wedding reception was held at Sergeants Mess. The place was gorgeously decorated with flowers. The guests had a nice time. Check out the food being served. They looked delicious. Music and dance were the highlights of the magical wedding night. We took a long shot of the place and it looked so illuminated against the dark sky. Fast-forward and a little bit of merging of night and day shots to break the monotony in the wedding video created a nice impact.

Marie and Joseph bonded over the first dance. It was so romantic. We wish this lovely couple a happy married life ahead as their wedding videographers.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: TeaLily Photography
HMUA: Sophie Lau
Venue: Sergeant Smess
Styling:Ashdown and Bee
DJ: DJ Dumplings

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Sergeants Mess

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