How we capture the emotions in Vietnamese wedding videos

The Vietnamese culture is rich in traditions and there are customs with beautiful meanings. The Vietnamese wedding also involves many ceremonies with intrinsic meanings that are connected to the history and religious beliefs of the people.

Both Confucian and Buddhist ideologies have deeply influenced these Vietnamese wedding rituals. The wedding is held on an auspicious day as suggested by a Buddhist monk or any religious head. The wedding day is the most important day for the Vietnamese brides and grooms and their families too. 

Traditional Vietnamese wedding

There are different ethnic groups in Vietnam and they follow different religions. So, the wedding traditions also vary but there are a few rituals that are performed by all.

A few of the traditions are very heart-touching and show the deep bond that people share with their families. There is one tradition that is followed on the night before the wedding. The mother combs the daughter’s hair and shares her advice on how to be a good wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. This is a touching ritual and gives the mother a scope to spend a few precious minutes with her daughter who will be married and sent off to her in-law’s house.

Shooting Vietnamese weddings

As Sydney wedding videographer, we have shot several Vietnamese weddings and simply love the colourful ambiance. There is so much excitement around the rituals. We have gained invaluable experience in filming Vietnamese traditions like the engagement and the wedding. We talk to the couples to know the specific customs they will be observing and plan to film every moment of them so that the wedding videos contain all the poignant moments.

We love to film the tea ceremony that makes Vietnamese weddings so special. The Vietnamese wedding films look resplendent with the colorful attires of the couples.

We love to learn about different cultures of the world and Sydney wedding video gives us the opportunities to know the rich Vietnamese wedding practices.

Vietnamese Wedding Film
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