Curzon Hall wedding of Wadad and Daniel – a story of love and dedication


As Sydney wedding videographers, we have filmed a lot of wedding videos. With each project, we have learned to value people and their emotions and yet there is so much more to realize. The Curzon Hall wedding of Wadad and Daniel taught us the value of love again.


Curzon Hall wedding – a union of two pure souls

Solemn and peaceful, the St. Charbel’s Catholic Church Punchbowl was ready to host the Lebanese wedding of Wadad and Daniel. The towering building, bathed in sunlight, with its exquisite interiors, touched our soul. So, we broke the norm and began the wedding video with the shots of the church.

You can also see the bride and groom, engrossed in each other. It’s difficult to find out what makes Wadad so attractive. Her flawless skin?  Gorgeous smile? Or her deep eyes? Well, she is an amazing girl, not easy to forget. Once you know her, you will be stunned by her poise and maturity. As Daniel mentioned in his wedding speech, she is balanced, smart, and strong.

Daniel is confident and smart too. He is a soccer fan and so wore cufflinks resembling the football. With his friends, he had a great time. His softness was revealed when he broke into tears as Wadad walked down the aisle. A moment that every parent waits to witness, Wadad’s parents were so moved to see their daughter getting married. These are the moments that make our work as a wedding videographer so special.

The wedding vows were exchanged with solemnity. We all headed towards the Curzon Hall for the gala reception. The place dazzled with all the candles and floral decorations. The guests mingled with each other. The atmosphere got charged when the couple arrived. Music, dance, and fun- the evening was unforgettable. I hope, you didn’t miss the photos of the food we have shared? That’s what makes a Lebanese wedding special, yummy food.

Through the wedding speeches, Daniel’s friends expressed how much they appreciate the couple. Wadad blushed which made her look more beautiful. Wadad is a good dancer, she grooved to the peppy tunes and made everybody join her on the floor.


Love rules our world; it is the single most thing that makes life beautiful, Wadad and Daniel have proved that with their relationship. As their wedding videographer, we wish their love grows with time and may they have a blissful married life.

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