Boat House wedding of Julie and Ben


There is something about Palm Beach that makes you happy. As Sydney wedding videographers,, we have been here plenty of times and yet every time feel the same excitement. This time, we were here to shoot the wedding of Julie and Ben. The Boat House wedding of them was a memorable event and we will cherish the experience.


The wedding of Julie and Ben – relaxed, and romantic

The Boat House is a lovely place. Located just beside the harbor, it has splendid views. We roamed around, took natural shots of the place and have included them in the Boat House wedding video with the poetic wedding vow of Ben playing in the background.

Ben is handsome, mature, and very romantic. HE penned his wedding vow which touched everyone present at the wedding. Julie is a gorgeous woman. She glowed with love. She looked like a princess in her white wedding gown but the real star of the day was their little daughter. She stole the show with her smile and was present to witness the holy union of her parents. As a family, they took the wedding vows which was an amazing thing to do. We know that their love is so strong that they will always stay together. The wedding venue was simply decorated with flowers. With a natural setting as amazing as the Palm Beach, the place looked stunning.

Of course, we have played with the light and used the shadows to add meanings to the snaps. The Palm Beach wedding was marked by music, a lot of fun, and sumptuous food. We couldn’t help but take individual shots of the desserts. There were romantic moments too. Julie and Ben spent some quiet moments in the wood, relishing the day. We followed them and took some excellent videos of their bonding.

As wedding videographers, we wish both Ben and Julie and their little princess all the joys in the world.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Yan Chen Photography
Venue: Boathouse Palm Beach
Band: Hot Potato Band
Photo Booth: Party Photo Booth

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