Zest wedding of Anna and Jason – a day for love and romance

Slow, relaxed, and every moment filled to the brim, the Zest wedding of Anna and Jason was memorable for many reasons. They are romantic, they are besotted with each other, and as their wedding videographer, we have tried to capture the essence of their relationship in this Sydney wedding video. We hope you will like our wedding videography and bless Anna and Jason.


Sydney wedding of Anna and Jason

Because it was a sunny day. The weather reflected our mood, there was happiness in the air. As Sydney wedding videographers, we were ready to capture the wedding of Anna and Jason. The wedding venue, Eden Garden was looking charming with the floral decoration.

As a wedding videographer, I know the value of small things and how they remind us of the things we love. So, I have tried to capture the happiness of the day in small things, like the calendar, Anna getting her makeup done, and the wedding accessories that revealed the couple’s sense of fashion. We also came to know how Jason wooed Anna and their love story made us feel so romantic. At the Zest wedding, we also saw some unique decoration ideas. The reception made the place look radiant.

Wedding videography of Anna and Jason

As their wedding videographer, we came to know Anna and Jason very closely. They are romantic and nice. Both of them value their relationship and know how to nurture it. Anna is tall, slender, with a lovely smile that reflects her goodness. Jason is handsome and calm. At the Zest wedding, he waited patiently for his bride who walked down with her father. The wedding vows were touching. The night was young and everybody was in the mood to celebrate. Dance, peppy music, lots of selfies, and games made the Sydney wedding video memorable. As the wedding videographer, we love to film these moments when people are themselves without any guilt and enjoy a lot.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Nina Claire Photography
Makeup Artist: Sophie Lau
Hair Stylist: Sophie Lau
Venue: Zest
DJ: Fave Events

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Zest Wedding

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