Langham wedding – when Carmen and Jason tied the knot

There are still people in this world who give more importance to feelings. They consider relationships to be their actual assets and as a wedding videographer, we met such people in the Langham wedding. Let us introduce you to Carmen and Jason.


Langham wedding of Carmen and Jason

Langham is a modern place. It looks suave and comfortable. We begin the Langham wedding video with the wedding accessories of the bride and groom with Jason’s voice playing at the background.

You can get a glimpse of the wedding reception also. The place was richly decorated with flowers and candles. However, as the wedding videographer, what caught our fancy was the table decorated with all sorts of candies. Colorful and with candies in different shapes and sizes, that table got a lot of attention in this Sydney wedding video.

Carmen and Jason had a simple wedding. They invited a handful of close friends and relatives but made sure every moment was filled with emotion. You will find the guests mingling with each other, signing little hearts that the couple will preserve as memories.

Sydney wedding – when love unites two hearts

Carmen wore a white embellished gown and complemented it with simple pearl jewelry. At the church, Jason waited impatiently for his bride. As a wedding videographer, the most touching moment for us is when the bride walks down the aisle with her father. Carmen’s father almost broke down while removing her veil before the wedding. Truly, these are the moments that make weddings so special, and at wedding videography Sydney, we value them very much.

We loved to cover the tea ceremony at the Langham wedding. It was a private and close affair with the parents of the bride and groom attending it. Carmen wore a traditional red gown for the occasion. The reception was also a small and warm event. Jason was eloquent with his words. He shared how he met Carmen and value her in his wedding speech. Carmen shifted from the usual norm and wore a shimmering dress for the reception. She looked gorgeous in it. The guests had a great time at the Langham wedding. The selfie corner got a huge thumbs up from the guests.

Carmen and Jason danced to a slow romantic number which left the guests speechless. As their wedding videographer, we wish the newlywed couple a very happy married life ahead.

Cinematography: In A Maze
Photography: Tealily Photography
MUHA: Captivate by Ellie
Venue: The Langham

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